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Linda Hoj
Linda Hoj.jpg

Linda combines her training as an artist with her deep understanding of ancient jewelry making techniques to create one of a kind, handmade, wearable art.  Each piece is as unique as the woman who wears it.  Understated luxury and old-world sparkle come through in her designs and chosen materials.


Linda seeks out stones which are cut as they were centuries ago and prefers when the high karat gold she uses bears the hallmarks and glow of everyday wear.

Even as a young girl, Linda understood the transformative nature of jewelry. A crown made of flowers, a sea glass necklace, or a couple of large metal armbands transformed her into an elegant and powerful princess: a dreamy mermaid, or a heroine ready to take on the world Those images continue to inspire her today as she creates talismans for the modern day woman.  Her everyday armor speaks to the multifaceted, ever evolving woman of today who steps boldly into the things that scare her and carves out the life she wants.

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