Apart of the Summin in the City Collection, rope necklaces are the perfect chic casual accessory this summer. Alex Story creates a handcrafted arcade claw necklace in order to memorialize that moment of anticipation and excitement when you actually win the prize! 


“I’m fascinated with those arcade games where you try and maneuver the claw to grasp onto the stuffed animal or prize. I’ve watched my kids, teeth clenched, move the claw with trepidation toward the chute, only to lose the prize at the last minute. And then once, my son actually managed to hold on and got the stuffed pup! His face lit up with such excitement. I created my own Arcade Claw to hold onto that moment - the moment of anticipation, will we get the prize or not? And if we grasp it, can we hold onto it?” – Alex


Sterling Silver and leather cord



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Arcade Claw Necklace

  • Specs

    * Sterling silver - 1 ¼ inch long x ¾ inch wide

    * Leather Cord with handmade silver clasp - 18"

  • Shipping

    Made to order -  Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion. 

    Made to order jewelry is final sale.