The Morning Star Earrings by Linda Hoj are apart of our exclusive Holiday 2020 collection. One of a kind and handcrafted in 22k yellow gold, these earrings were inspired by the beautiful hexagonal diamonds and how the two sizes of diamonds related to one another. They emanate light yet have a toughness to them as if they are a piece of armor. 


The name Morning Star references a medieval club but also the wanning shimmer of the last star as dawn breaks.  And the hex shape is reminiscent of glistening hexagonal snowflakes falling on a cold winter morning.


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Hex Diamond Morning Star Earrings

  • Specs

    * One of a Kind

    * 22k yellow gold

    * Hexagonal Diamonds - .74 cttw

    * 40 millimeter drop

  • Shipping

    Ready to ship in 3-5 days.

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