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Unleash your inner superhero with Sunlit Fine Jewelry's one-of-a-kind Large Silver Statement Cuff Bracelet. This exquisite piece, exclusively available at, is a true testament to modern elegance and bold design.


At the heart of this stunning cuff lies a large, one-of-a-kind brown oval beach stone, meticulously set in a smooth bezel. This natural stone was carefully selected for its organic beauty and distinctive character adding an earthy yet sophisticated touch.


Crafted from solid sterling silver, the cuff boasts a sleek, smooth finish that exudes a contemporary feel. Its clean lines and polished surface reflect a minimalist aesthetic, perfect for the modern woman who appreciates subtle yet impactful accessories.


The cuff's design is both striking and versatile, easily complementing your unique character and look.  Its substantial size and bold presence make it a statement piece that won't go unnoticed.


Channel your inner Superwoman with this powerful accessory. Its strong and dynamic design mirrors the strength and confidence of a true hero, making you feel empowered every time you wear it.



Part of Sunlit's exclusive mini collection, Summer Silver, this piece is a celebration of the season’s warmth and natural beauty that will make you shine all year round.


You can find this unique collection only at Don’t miss the chance to own a piece that is as individual as you are – a treasure from the sea, lovingly transformed into wearable art by Sunlit Fine Jewelry.


Handmade in New York City.


Contact us with additional questions.

Sunlit Fine Jewelry Summer Silver Beach Stone Cuff Bracelet

  • Susan Hamilton Meier

  • Specs

    * Sterling Silver

    * One-of-a-kind beach stone

    * 2 3/8" wide


  • Shipping

    Ready to ship in 3-5 business days. 

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