Stuart Gold

Stuart started making jewelry after taking a weeklong intensive silversmithing class in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand 11 years ago. Since then he has had the great good fortune of studying with amazing masters here in New York and immersing himself in the intricacies of this amazing craft.


He loves the craft involved to figure out how to execute a design, seeing it almost as a puzzle to solve. To bring together design and execution, undergirded by the fundamentals of craftsmanship, to create something hopefully beautiful, but also intriguing and inspiring is what motivates him. Having studied with his mentor for about a decade now, I think that what I most appreciate having learned is that process of how to assess the design and figure out the best tools and techniques to use to fully realize it. That can sound almost clinical but it’s actually far more creative and zen and meditative than that. Slowing the brain down enough to be receptive to the muse and then using the knowledge and skills he has acquired to bring to life an idea is exhilirating, if occasionally elusive as well. To then share that with someone who sees in the piece something worthy of adorning themselves with, that’s the circuit being completed. That’s a very satisfying feeling.

Stay tuned, jewels to come.

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