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Space 85 is an online platform that showcases exceptional artisan handcrafted jewelry from independent and emerging jewelry designers in New York.  The artists are gems themselves, and many of them are only featured in our online collective.  The designers who apart of Space 85 met through the Fred de Vos Wax Workshops in downtown Manhattan where the founder, Elise Thompson, has made jewelry since 2003.  Elise saw firsthand at what her peers were creating and wanted to highlight the handmade nature of their exquisite jewelry. Hence in late 2019, was born.  


The name of the collective was inspired by a photo taken by our mentor, Fred de Vos. The number 85 is also significant in numerology. Read more below.

Our gallery offers discerning shoppers unique one of a kind jewels, wearable art, and jewelry reflective of your mood and originality.

The materials used range from high karat gold to sterling silver, the finest gemstones to earthly rocks, to out of the ordinary materials.  Our jewelers primarily use the ancient lost wax method, traditional metal-smithing, and a combination of the two. 


Each designer has a distinct style and process, but our united message is clear: creating something beautiful to adorn that can be cherished for generations and become future heirlooms is paramount.


SPACE - The physical studio that inspires our artists is translated to a digital SPACE in
this online collective. The studio is primarily a wax workshop where we carve, spin, and sculpt wearable art. 

85- The number 85 was inspired by art and numerology.

ART: A photograph of house numbers on a storied Dutch building inspired the font and actual concept of 85.

NUMEROLOGY:  In numerology, the number 85’s energy builds things for the greater good of the community. Number 85 “builds a solid foundation to support and secure a future for its community.” Our community is made up of independent jewelry designers. Most of us are a one-person business. We execute every facet of the business from the designing, and making, and marketing, to the selling. This online platform will help support our artistic community.

Origin of our name
Mejia jewelry_stamping a ring_Name ring_
Lori Anne Designs_cuff ring_18k_yellow g

Each designer handcrafts each and every piece of jewelry in their collection.   Every detail is meticulously executed and reviewed.  The artist’s hand is exposed in each piece, from carving wax and forming metal, to filing, shaping and polishing, to picking the perfect combination of gemstones.  The jewelry has heft and is made to last a lifetime, plus. 


All aspects of the jewelry making process from creation, to casting, to setting and polishing is done in New York City and its boroughs. We are proud to produce all of our works of art locally using mindful environmental processes.


Social responsibility has always been important to Space 85. We are committed to creating enduring positive impact. A portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to a charity of your choice to help support our community and people of the world. Click here for more information.

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