Mejia Jewelry

Elise Thompson, of Mejia (pronounced May-ah) Jewelry, has an obsessive passion with jewelry. At a young age she became fascinated with a gemstones’ properties and history.  To her, the fact that you can own a gem that has lived deep within the earth for thousands to millions of years is a privilege. 


Over the years she has created a cabinet of curiosities ranging from gemstones, fossils, beads, fragments of shells, twigs, seeds, thread, dried sea creatures, and coral, just to name a few.  The goal is to find a home for every single piece within a jewel.  Her job as a creator is to bring a design, gemstone, or client’s vision into a tangible treasured object that the wearer can connect to. 


Elise’s most recent work includes hand stamped personalized jewelry and earring charms, that you can layer and tell a story, allowing the client to create a connection with the jewel. 


Mejia is a Greek word that translates to “wear it in good health”. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Mejia Jewelry, wear it in good health and may the jewel bring you joy.


Unique, hand crafted
heirloom jewelry from
emerging New York designers.
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