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Casual Seance
Casual Seance_Lindsay Rogers_.jpg
Lindsay Rogers, the Mother of Casual Seance, a Toronto-native and 10-year Brooklyn-expat creates inspired, geometric jewelry and one of a kind engagement rings enriched with a distinct whimsical air. Lindsay’s experience manipulating clay as a ceramicist undoubtedly led to her desire to form jewelry in the way that she does; first meticulously carved in wax, then cast in solid precious metals.
The curation of ethically sourced precious stones plays an essential role in the creation of each Casual Seance piece. Using uncommon stones; diamonds with opalescent hues, sapphires varying in intensity and shade, Lindsay feels the energy of these gems (once a fragment of the Earth), transcends to skin beautifully. A sacred and requisite signature of all Casual Seance pieces.

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