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Taryn Leavitt
Taryn Leavitt.jpg

Taryn Leavitt creates handmade high karate gold jewelry with gemstones. 

"Each piece is like a puzzle with many parts coming together to make a coherent whole.  It's not so different from my past career as a news reporter. Each assignment began with disparate parts that had to be interpreted and carefully placed together to make a story.  I began my adventure in gold while working full time as a TV news reporter in New York City. In the evening I was taking classes for a Masters program in Art History with a focus on Folk Art Studies.  To complete the program I chose an elective in light metal sculpture.  It was so much more fun than writing papers.  I was hooked.  I found a studio that taught ancient jewelry making techniques and began to turn a passion into a business."

"There are few projects in life that have a real beginning, middle and an end.  Even fewer projects that result in something beautiful."

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