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Alex Story
Alex Story_space 85 jewelry_grenade necklace inspiration_NYCJW_2023.jpg
Alex Story_Space 85 jewelry_grenade necklace_nycjw_2023.JPG

Grenade Necklace by Alex Story

"My name is Alex Story. My grenade necklace, and the story behind the grenade necklace is that about seven years ago I went to England. My boyfriend at the time had family in England and we went to his uncle’s house. And his uncle had all this vintage artillery and vintage grenades. I had never seen a grenade in real life before and I assumed they were all oval but there was one in particular that was round. A lot of my jewelry is weaponry inspired, throwing stars, brass knuckles, a sword. I love weaponry jewelry because I feel like we all need a little protection, a little urban protection, a shield against anything negative that could happen to you. So anyway I saw this grenade and I thought, that is going to be my next necklace. And you’re looking at it now and you’re looking at the photo of the grenade that inspired me and that’s the story."

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