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Sunlit Fine Jewelry
Susan Hamilton Meier
Susan Hamilton Meier_Sun Lit Fine Jewelr
Jewelry artist Susan Hamilton Meier handcrafts elegant, imaginative jewelry with precious metals and meaningful stones. From Sotheby's to Senegal, she has found inspiration - and sunlight - just about everywhere.

With Sunlit Fine Jewelry, this award-winning visual artist translates her aesthetic into wearable art. Inspired by the sun, each statement piece is crafted using 22 karat gold and vibrant gemstones. 

Lit up by the golden treasures of ancient Egypt as a child and trained as a painter and sculptor, Susan studied art history at Dartmouth College, where she fell in love with modernists like Calder and Albers. She started her career in New York City at Sotheby's Jewelry, surrounded by the most extraordinary jewels in the world, and a lifelong passion was ignited.

While exploring pattern, mark-making, and multimedia, Susan studied granulation at Jewelry Arts and then discovered wax carving at the Fred de Vos workshop, where she has been working for over 20 years. Her studio practice has taken her on location to the pyramids and deserts of Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Senegal, Mexico, Chile, Laos, Nepal, and beyond, where she “collects” textures and shapes, documenting them in black and white photographs. The visual language of those landscapes is drawn into her jewelry designs.

Susan sculpts and textures each piece by hand in her New York City studio. 
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