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Jewelry Talk - Interview with Alexa Horton, founder of i seira

Architect and dancer turned fine jewelry designer, Alexa Horton, designer and maker of her fine jewelry line "i seira", gives us a glimpse into her design inspiration and wax carving process to create 22k gold wearable sculpture.

What is your design inspiration?

"I draw inspiration from other art forms, mostly architecture, sculpture and dance, and always the natural world in an abstract way. I’ve spent much of my life as a dancer and additional years as an architect. I draw on all that I have studied and dedicated my time to. These days my inspiration is very raw and I can’t always say or attribute from where it is coming. I think it’s a combination of all the experiences and images I have stored away."

22k gold statement cuff bracelet by I seira

What is your favorite part of the jewelry making process?

"My first instinct was to say discovering the concept—finding the inspiration, though if I’m being truly honest, I think it’s the state of flow that I get into when I know a piece is moving in a wonderful direction, when I know a piece is going to be good! There’s always a moment (or days) of doubt and frustration (there’s always failed attempts) but when I can get past that and into the state of calm and concentration, everything else falls away. And it really brings me so much joy. This is why handmade is so special."

22k Gold abstract necklace by I seira

When did you start making jewelry?

I was an architectural designer needing a more tactile, physical outlet for my creativity and took a jewelry class as a hobby, as it was something I was interested in exploring. Over five years later and here I am! It just flows out of me and I discovered capabilities that I didn’t know that I had, especially when it comes to wax carving. I am so drawn to the sculptural side of creating in wax. Prior to jewelry making I had no idea how much I loved to sculpt. I am so drawn to it, and the process brings me so much joy and peace.

22k gold ruby pod chandelier earrings by I seira

22k gold sculptural ring by I seira

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you have created thus far?

Is it a cliché to say the next one? There’s something so satisfying about bringing a sketch or a concept to life, though I find that once I’ve created it and continue to wear it and though I’m satisfied, I’m always searching for the next thing, the next concept. How to improve and refine and discover. It’s truly endless. I’ve talked to so many artist friends about the cycle of creativity. I will never tire of the process as frustrating as it can be sometimes!


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