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Jewelry Talk - Interview with Linda Hoj

by Alex Story

Linda was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to Danish parents. She started college in Utah and then attended Byam Shaw School of Art in London, finally finishing with her BFA at NYU. Her love of ancient jewelry and her skill at Etruscan jewelry making is apparent in her striking designs that sparkle and stand out on the wearer.

Q: How did you first get interested in jewelry design? A: I was exposed to jewelry design as I was finishing my Arts Degree at NYU. I needed to take an elective in my last semester so I took jewelry making. It all clicked within minutes of walking into that class. Here was a way to make little art that I could take with me and see all day everyday. From there I went from studio to studio trying to further my learning which ultimately led me to jewelry arts and learning the ancient techniques of jewelry making.

Q: What jewelry designers do you admire? A: There are so many jewelery designers I admire. Judith Kinghorn for her amazing adaptions of flowers and the natural world made in gold and silver. Karl Fritsch for his unconventional and endlessly amusing creations that question the reason for jewelry. Judy Geib for her amazingly inventive, whimsical and beautiful jewelry but also as a business model of someone who makes one of a kind jewelry and decides for herself what she will make next. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few months ago and she is just as wonderful as her jewelry!

Q: What are your inspirations? And where do you go to get inspired? A: I find inspiration all around me. The raw materials, gold and stones are endlessly inspiring but I also find inspiration from art, architecture, textiles and nature. The more jewelry I make the more inspiration seems to come.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a designer? A: My favorite part of being a designer is that I can create something into being that wasn’t there before and might not ever be created if not by me.

Linda Hoj Designs

Q: How do you want women (or men) to feel when wearing your jewelry? A: I love to sell direct to customers because I love to see that moment when they connect to something about a piece. I want them to be able to feel the intent of the piece that I have made by hand. Mostly, I hope that they feel happy and elevated each time they wear my jewelry.



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