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Visit Us At The Studio That Inspired The Concept Behind Space 85 and Shop for the Holidays!

On Monday November 14, we are hosting an exhibit and sale of exceptional handcrafted jewelry during NYC Jewelry Week at the studio that inspired Space 85! The theme for Jewelry Week this year is "THE JOY OF JEWELRY and HUMAN CONNECTION." This theme translates perfectly to our small tight knit jewelry community located in downtown NYC.

Read more about the studio that inspires and teaches us.

This is our story.

"Space 85 is a collective and jewelry community founded on the basis of human connections. We are a collective of 12 designers who all met at the Fred de Vos Wax Workshops in downtown NY, where we find our “happy place” at a bench of solitude. A place where we are free to create and find our joy. Each jewel is meticulously handcrafted; sometimes taking months to create; carved, polished, and inspected with scrutiny until it can find its forever home, which is the “Ultimate Joy” that be reached, for both designer and customer.

The camaraderie between designers and mentor allows for an exchange of ideas and solutions, problem solving, and encouragement with each new project and collection. This human connection is what propels us forward, each interaction enhances the jewel we are working on, making it more beautiful, perhaps more comfortable to wear, therefore increasing the joy for the wearer.

This exhibition is a “LIVE” showcase of our online gallery,, where consumers and jewelry lovers have the opportunity to see the physical space that inspires and brings joy that is necessary to create the tangible jewels being viewed. Jewelry lovers and collectors will be able to meet the designers and discover the stories behind the jewels creating a shopping experience dedicated to extraordinary handmade jewelry by local independent artists you can’t find anywhere else. Each designer has a distinct style, but our united message is clear: creating something beautiful to adorn that can be cherished for generations and become future heirlooms is paramount.

Fred de Vos, owner of the studio, created the studio over 30 years ago, nurturing every nook and shelf with his tools, books, art, and knowledge. It has been a privilege to work amongst his genius and create Space 85 from the friendships and relationships made in that space.


Mejia Jewelry - Elise Thompson (founder), Fred de Vos, Alex Story, Casual Séance (Lindsay Rogers), i seira (Alexa Horton), Laura Caspi, Lori Auster, Maria Wagner Cook, Patricia Kolodny, Ruth Edelson, Sandrine B. Jewelry, Shari Stadel, and

Susan Hamilton Meier.

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