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We Stand for Equality

I was inspired to write this post after browsing images in our website database and I came across this image below. In our testimonials page you will find photos of customers wearing jewelry from our Space 85 designers. The rings in this picture were made by Sandrine B. Jewelry for a couple who commissioned her to make their wedding bands. The image is powerful. Two men's hands interlaced, one black, one white. The interlacing of their fingers is gentle and you can feel their love for each other through this photograph. Their yin and yang rings are symbols of a union where individual parts work together as a whole rather than their individual opposite parts. The symbolism is parallel for what is going on today and a tool to fight racism.

If I could describe this picture in one word, it would be UNITY. We need more of this.

We stand in solidarity with our black community and stand for equality, peace, respect, and unity. Our biggest weapon in fighting racial injustice is to be UNITED.


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