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Sandrine B. Jewelry
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Finding inspiration in the land around her, Sandrine is a collector of discarded objects. She gleans inspiration from bits and pieces of whatnot and translates them into beauty in her work. Her sustainable artisan jewelry reflects the nature and moments of life that speak to her wherever she happens to be—whether in her hometown of New York City, in her travels, or childhood experiences in Lyn, France and Corsica. 


Sandrine believes in wearable art as a means to preserve memory and amplify the beauty of nature. She seeks to illuminate the meaning and magic in discarded, forgotten items. Each piece inspires a story and is named after what it represents.  Her jewelry is a reminder that we are more than what meets the eye. All  jewelry is mindfully handcrafted, cast and finished by hand in New York City.


Sandrine prides herself in promoting traceability and transparency in her supply chain, and she responsibly sources all  metals and gemstones. Above all, she wants you to feel beautiful and unique - and to know that each piece was created with intention and love.

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