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Space 85 is Popping Up during NYCJW23

Shop jewelry from 9 designers during this years NYC Jewelry Week event! Space 85 is popping up with their first stand alone store in NYC's downtown area. Join us on November 13-14 at 247A Elizabeth St. for an exhibition of what slow jewelry looks like and hear from the designers themselves about their inspiration and process. Shop handcrafted unique jewelry made in NYC by independent artists and discover something new.

When: November 13-14

Monday 11/13 3pm-9pm with an Opening Reception from 5pm-9pm

Tuesday 11/14 11am -7pm

Listen to the designers in their own voice explain their inspirations, process, and favorite jewels. Click on the name to hear audio:

Exhibition Description:

Jewelry is “quiet” by definition, a small, diminutive object or sculpture. It’s often hidden: a bracelet peeks out from under your shirt, an earring glimmers through your hair. With jewelry, your statement is mainly for yourself and for the select few that will get to see it. It’s a type of “quiet luxury’ that is well-made and displays instinctive style and confidence. Discover a curated selection of jewelry from nine designers from the Space 85 collective demonstrating the allure of “quiet-luxury” and discover the process of a how a jewel is created from inspiration to finished jewel. Each jewel is meticulously handcrafted; sometimes taking months to create; carved, polished, and inspected with scrutiny until it can find its forever home. This is slow jewelry."

"Space 85 is a collective and jewelry community based on friendship and camaraderie with a common love affair for hand making jewelry using the lost-wax method of jewelry making.

Accompanying audio in each designers’ own voice will be available alongside a display of what slow jewelry looks like. Objects from the process (wax models, prototypes, and sketches) will be displayed alongside the finished jewel. Each designer will share their inspirations and what the process of creating is like.

The details, gemstones, and metals of a jewel (whether its high karat gold or pristinely finished silver) quietly communicate a high-end, one-of-a-kind aura. It’s understated elegance that speaks volumes without being too loud. A piece of jewelry made by an independent artist from Space 85 is designer, and something the client discovered on their own rather than following the crowd. We want to highlight the nature of artisan jewelry that is made by hand by independent artists creating heirloom pieces that are investments to be passed down to the next generation.

Jewelry lovers and collectors will be able to meet the designers and discover the stories behind the jewels creating a shopping experience dedicated to extraordinary handmade jewelry by local independent artists you can’t find anywhere else. Each designer has a distinct style, but our united message is clear: creating something beautiful to adorn that can be cherished for generations and become future heirlooms is paramount.

Participating designers include Mejia Jewelry (founder Elise Thompson), Alex Story, Lori Auster, Patricia Kolodny, Ruth Edelson, Sandrine B. Jewelry, Shari Stadel, Susan Hamilton Meier, & Barton Rivera


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